Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An introduction


As you can tell from the existence of this page, I have started a blog.

I am intending for this to be a parenting blog, as parenting is mostly what I do with my time. I am at home with two little daughters, aged 4 and 17 (I think?) months. My husband is currently working in Paris, doing a stellar job at being an actual responsible grown-up with a career.

As I write this, I can hear the kids over the baby monitor, shuffling and sighing contentedly in their sleep. I almost want to go and look at them and marvel at their impossibly adorable sleeping faces but I wont because OH DEAR GOD NO PLEASE DON'T WAKE UP I'M SORRY I TRIED TO SILENTLY LOOK AT MY OWN CHILD.

I can't tell you what this blog will look like going forward, but I can tell you that it probably wont contain: newborns in crocheted mermaid bikinis, stylish interiors or vapid inspirational mantras. I hope that it will contain: children enjoying genuinely enriching experiences, an honest account of what our daily lives look like and possibly an idea or two to enjoy with your own family.

I'm Rose by the way. I hope you will visit again.

Ok, just the one..